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Right People, Right Place, Right Time, Right Parts: Achieving Customer Service Request Excellence

Companies that dispatch field technicians to fix customer equipment and devices—including consumer and business systems—face a dual challenge: Making sure the right field service technician and parts arrive at the right place and the right time. Both ecosystems feature dynamic variables. Changes in one have dramatic effects on the other.

When managing field technicians, their skill sets as well as their location and availability must be considered. For parts, location and arrival time must be determined, and these depend heavily on supply chain networks that may consist of hundreds of manufacturers, distributors and logistics firms that must all perform efficiently for parts to arrive as expected and required. Making sure the correct parts and field technician arrive as promised to the customer site thus presents an intricate challenge—which grows ever more complex with large field-technician pools and wide ranges of systems and parts.

Blackstone brought together industry leaders ClickSoftware and E2open to present a value proposition that help companies continuously resolve the challenges of scheduling field technicians and coordinating the arrival of necessary replacement parts.

ClickSoftware and E2open Value Proposition

ClickSoftware and E2open help service companies commit with confidence to meet customer needs —with the right people and the right parts at the right place and at the right time. The end to-end visibility into the field service and parts inventory ecosystems provided by the two technologies allows service firms to develop strategies to execute on customer work orders according to plan and then respond instantly to any unplanned changes.

The combined approach not only increases customer satisfaction—due to the higher percentage of completed work orders—but also improves the utilization of field technicians and back-office support staff. Service firms also benefit from the maximized uptime of customer equipment and reduced costs through the elimination of return technician visits and leaner parts inventory levels.

For more information on how your company can synchronize field technician schedules with replacement part availability to efficiently resolve customer service requests, click here to request the white paper, “Right People, Right Place, Right Time, Right Parts: Achieving Customer Service Request Excellence.” As the leading E2open certified partner, Blackstone can assist ClickSoftware customers implement and integrate with E2open to achieve the business benefits described in the white paper.

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