Digital Integration Services

Connecting the Past, Present and Future

Digital has changed the way every company does business. To be successful today, businesses are focusing on 3 things — traffic, product and fulfillment. Blackstone Digital research suggests that fulfillment is the most difficult to achieve and sustain over the long term.  Blackstone Digital brings a unique set of skills, experiences and capabilities to enable companies to define and execute a world-class fulfillment experience in the digital world.

Blackstone Digital collaborates with clients to implement flexible, scalable and sustainable integration capabilities. The integration capabilities enable our clients to seamlessly connect in real time to a wide range of SaaS platforms, open APIs, legacy, mobile and on-premises applications and social networks.  These integration capabilities serve as the foundation for a superior fulfillment experience.

Our Competitive Capabilities

Blackstone Digital’s mission is to help clients successfully transform their business through the rapid integration of their users, services, processes, systems, and data. To be competitive in today’s market, organizations must have their business, social applications and systems integrated on-premise and in the Cloud. Blackstone Digital prides itself on specializing in the following areas of integration:

  • B2B Integration: Blackstone Digital provides expertise in B2B integration solutions that enable enterprises, through system to system connectivity, to better manage their business partners and exchange data securely and consistently. We have extensive experience using open source, mature technology and tools to support your Quality of Service concerns around security, scalability, reliability and transaction management.
  • APIs & WebServices: At Blackstone Digital, we help companies build a rich ecosystem with their partners, customers and suppliers by opening their core services thru APIs. We can support you in implementing REST or SOAP based APIs and advise you in the selection of a suitable API platform for your business. Providing APIs for trading partners and customers gives your organization a competitive advantage, and connects Cloud applications to your legacy, CRM and ERP applications.
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB): Blackstone Digital has expertise in webMethods and MuleSoft integration platforms and can take you through the full lifecycle management process from design to deployment and execution. Implementing an ESB solution will enable your organization to innovate faster, re-use existing services, create new services, and extend services to your customers and partners anywhere at any time.
  • iPaaS Service Management: iPaaS is the next generation integration technology that enables your applications in the cloud, on-premises and legacy applications to communicate with one another seamlessly. Blackstone Digital can support you in introducing, configuring and managing iPaaS integration platforms such as CloudHub and Dell Boomi.

How We Engage

Blackstone Digital works closely with our clients to provide high quality service offerings under the following engagement models:

  • Staff Augmentation: Providing reliable and qualified IT resources to complement and expand your existing team – enabling you to scale up resources as needed to meet critical deadlines.
  • Project Development: Strategically managing end-to-end projects – offering full delivery and deployment support to cover the entire project life cycle as well as ongoing quality control.
  • Managed Services: Fully comprehensive managed service for all your Integration Service’s needs including trading partner  on-boarding. Provides you with the both certainty and flexibility to resource integration needs without the headache of managing skills and resources.

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