Blackstone Case Study- Federal Government – Integrating to Succeed


Keeping the President, Vice President and senior management staff at the White House informed via all types of secure communication media is integral to the successful functioning of the United States. As part of a modernization initiative within the White House to improve threat detection capabilities, Blackstone was engaged by the government to develop a custom integration solution that connects the legacy physical security infrastructure with video monitoring (CCVT) systems and access control systems.

As the provider of secure voice, video and overall communications support to the President, the Government must maintain careful watch over all its critical assets. To do so, it recognized the benefit of incorporating ObjectVideo’s Video Early Warning (VEW) intelligent surveillance solution into its overall physical security infrastructure. ObjectVideo’s VEW software actively monitors live security video streams for potential threats. When threats are detected the software sends alerts to administrators and security monitors. The government also understood that additional benefit could be achieved by enabling its legacy physical security systems to communicate with each other and with Object Video.

The Challenge

Integrate legacy systems and infrastructure with modern software to assist the U.S. Government in providing accurate, timely, and secure information to the senior leaders of the country.


Blackstone developed a custom solution with an integrated rules engine based on the Microsoft .NET framework. The solution consisted of the following areas:

  • ObjectVideo Messaging Layer – Alert filter that monitors alerts from the ObjectVideo VEW system and processes them according to the rules engine configuration.
  • Rules Editor – User-friendly management tool that enables administrators to define workflow rules for security alerts and system state.
  • Rules Engine – A run-time component that actively manages security rules and system state to determine the appropriate response to system events and compromised assets.
  • Adapter Framework – Flexible architecture that enables quick integration of new system software and devices.


  • Improved threat detection and alerting capabilities
  • Reduced risk exposure from unplanned system downtimes

Improved ability to quickly incorporate and integrate future physical security devices/systems into Government security infrastructure