Federal Government Agency – Security Command Portal


In order to prepare and protect our warfighters, the U.S. Government conducts intelligence, security and information operations for military commanders and national decision-makers. This mission involves the collecting, processing, and disseminating of a large amount of intelligence information in a variety of intelligence disciplines. It also conducts a wide range of production activities, ranging from intelligence preparation for the battlefield to situation development, signal intelligence analysis, imagery exploitation and science and technology production.

The Challenge

In order to more effectively manage and coordinate the wide range of activities and flow of information associated with its mission, the Government initiated a central Portal to implement a flexible and secure web-based collaboration tool to promote better communication and research effectiveness among its information managers supporting its warfighters. Blackstone was called upon to utilize our extensive experience in integration, portal development and information sharing to deliver a streamlined solution that would enable a significant amount of information to be shared and accessed easily and in a user-friendly manner from a single web-based location.


In order to provide the Government with a sophisticated solution, Blackstone launched a Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server in an accredited, secure area and developed a phased plan to increase the functionality at the desktop level across all user locations. The following are Blackstone’s project milestones:

  • Implemented a customer oriented web portal solution that supports user configuration and personalization
  • Established a flexible portal framework for implementing additional services over multiple phases
  • Integrated the solution with Microsoft SharePoint server
  • Provided a user-friendly tab-based, file folder interface that facilitates easy navigation between pages
  • Provided document and report templates to support consistency across the organization
  • Implemented a secure, 128-bit encryption of all data transmitted to/from the site
  • Enabled on-demand, 27/7 access to all user sites


Blackstone established a one stop shop for managing all logistics information to an integral compartment of the military. The portal now plays a vital role in providing the Government with the ability to make informed decisions, share information, collaborate on documentation, conduct staffing actions, perform contract tasking, conduct remote training, accomplish remote mission troubleshooting and coordinating mission planning.