Federal Government Agency – Business Process Management (BPM) Case Study


Information systems that support the automation of benefits adjudication decisions are available but not well known in their application. The key functionality of such systems is to capture benefit information and identify if a favorable adjudication can be made. To achieve this decision-making, the system validates the benefits information against specific business rules that it maintains. Although some benefits adjudication decisions must be made manually, the automation of such decisions has proven to be a resounding achievement in the time required to make decisions as well as the cost of doing so

The Challenge

Develop a Business Process Management (BPM) solution that utilizes available benefits adjudication information systems to addresses the challenges associated with automation using System Qualified Adjudication (SQA) within form I-90 and I-821 life-cycle management (immigration Green Card applications).


Working closely with client stakeholders to gather requirements, Blackstone developed and delivered robust requirements documents (System Requirements Document and Requirements Traceability Matrix), System Design Documents (SDD), Development Test Plan (DTP), Version Description Document (VDD), and use cases scenarios to clearly and concisely articulate the client’s needs and scope of the system. The Blackstone team utilized Rapid Application Development methodologies to deliver a prototype solution with multiple proofs of concept.


The successful completion of the project prototype proved to the client that a rules-based environment can be developed with speed and efficiency that could reduce operational overhead and streamline case management. The final recommendation provided for an optimized solution that would utilize existing infrastructure where possible, leveraging the client’s current Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). The system would also:

  • Reduce Form I-90 Applications processing time from 18 hours to 2 minutes
  • Reduce Form I-821 Processing Time from 6 hours to 2 minutes
  • Develop three new enterprise-wide services
  • Solidify TIBCO iProcess as client Business Process Management standards