February 4, 2016  |  Ken Hans, Partner & Executive Director, Blackstone Digital Services

Thinking Ahead: Extracting Value from IIoT Devices through a Purpose-Built Platform

With the growth of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Gartner predicts that 2.8 billion devices will be connected by 2020. Industries that have invested in connected devices are challenged with extracting value from the high velocity of data derived from a variety of sensors and source systems. IIoT vendors have developed applications to manage the... Read More

February 3, 2016  |  Julia Schaefer

“Carwash” Success: Blackstone Technology Group & DHS Partnership Featured in DHS IT Strategic Plan

Arlington, Virginia – February 3, 2016 Blackstone Technology Group, in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), is proud to announce that the joint Rugged DevOps shared service solution they developed is being featured in the DHS Information Technology FY 2015-2018 Strategic plan as a successful model for harnessing Innovative Technology. Blackstone and DHS’ partnership to design and build the application security framework known as... Read More

January 22, 2016  |  Julia Schaefer

Datanami Features Blackstone and Bit Stew’s and partnership to boost data analytics in the IoT

Consulting firm Blackstone Technology Group, which focuses heavily on the energy sector, is partnering with “software defined operations” specialist Bit Stew Systems in a bid to extend big data capabilities into global energy and other industrial markets. The partners said their collaboration would help promote adoption of Bit Stew’s analytics platform and other big data... Read More

December 10, 2015  |  Ken Hans

My 5 Key Takeaways from the Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit 2015

1. Personalized marketing increases customer engagement, conversion and spend. Andrew Artemenko, Sr. Director of Neustar, had data backing up the fact that when digital marketing ads are personalized to an individual it makes a big difference. Businesses can achieve 5-8x the ROI on marketing spend when the ad is personalized. It was also stated that... Read More