March 18, 2013

Does Big Data Privacy Concerns Hinder Progress?

According to a recent article, What you like on Facebook Could Reveal More Than You Think, the threatening powers of the all-knowing Facebook continue to evoke privacy fears which could be “hampering technological and economic progress.”  This article refers to a new study conducted by the University of Cambridge in the U.K.  This study... Read More

March 4, 2013

Three Ways to Improve Loan Origination with Mobile

Mobile should be considered as the next critical method for improving loan origination, and with the variety of customer engagement technologies that are available through a mobile device, there are many ways to differentiate a banks experience whether through new apps or existing messaging technology. The following is a quick run-down of mobile technologies that... Read More

January 15, 2013

Monetize the Mobile Channel Using a Sales Funnel Approach

Over the last several years, mobile investment decisions have often been linked to customer satisfaction, cost reduction, and customer retention objectives.  Now that most banks are operating with at least some form of mobile solution, there is the increasing need to transform mobile devices into a clearer revenue generating channel.  The proliferation of mobile devices... Read More

December 21, 2012

What Banks and Credit Unions Need to Focus on Next: Tablet Apps

There is no denying the fact that the tablet market is currently exploding. Since Apple led the way in 2010 with the introduction of its first iPad, tablet sales (of all kinds) will likely surpass 40M units in the US alone in 2012 and is projected to double that (i.e., to 80M+) by 2016.  As... Read More