New DHS Privacy Policy Requires Carwash for all Mobile Applications

Carwash is a Rugged DevOps SaaS solution developed by Blackstone Technology Group and the Department of Homeland Security which requires all mobile application developers to use Carwash when proposing, developing, implementing or changing any DHS Mobile Apps

Arlington, VA – April 13, 2016 – Blackstone Technology Group (Blackstone), in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), is proud to announce that Carwash has received the DHS Chief Privacy Officer’s seal of approval and is now required for all mobile application development.

Carwash provides a standardization of mobile application security across DHS. Blackstone and DHS’ partnership to design and build the application security framework has resulted in a valuable shared service to the DHS Enterprise that focuses on delivering secure and compliant applications to the Federal government and saves individual DHS agency components the time and expense of running their own security testing environment.

Carwash was initially developed in 2013 by Blackstone Technology Group in partnership with DHS to serve as a cloud-enabled framework for developers and teams to deploy safer applications. The solution reduces time to market and increases the security of applications by providing scan results to development teams throughout the SELC lifecycle. Identifying application vulnerabilities and issues early in the lifecycle reduces the risk of deployment delays and costly re-work.

“This is the first centralized mobile application scanning resource across DHS. There is a huge opportunity for security teams to use Carwash, and to share evaluations across organizations through the reciprocity report,” says Chris Drew, Senior Manager at Blackstone.

According to the new DHS policy, mobile app developers are responsible for, “Engaging and coordinating with the OCIO Carwash team to ensure that DHS Mobile Apps are sent through DHS Carwash process when proposing, developing, implementing or changing any DHS Mobile Apps.”

The Rugged DevOps solution Carwash is built on is capable of scanning more than just mobile apps and continues to evolve to include the latest technology and potential threats. Blackstone can tailor the framework to any app and just rolled out the ability to scan 3rd party Java libraries. “We have recently integrated this scanning solution within a pre-existing development process for two DHS agency teams,” says Anthony Glynn, Blackstone Architect and Carwash lead. “This empowers development teams to modify the version of their libraries to reduce vulnerabilities of the application and risk to the enterprise.”

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