August 22, 2016  |  Julia Schaefer

Blackstone Federal Services Disrupts Traditional Performance Planning with New Agile Performance Process

Blackstone’s performance planning process gives employees the opportunity to drive their own career success. Arlington, VA – August 18, 2016 – Blackstone Technology Group is excited to announce its Federal Practice recently launched a new agile performance planning process that will be rolled out to the rest of the 275+ person company this quarter. As... Read More

September 16, 2014  |  John Hughes, Vince Hurley, Sara Kindsfater-Yerkes

Connecting with the Agile Mindset

Welcome to our new series of blog posts: The Blackstone Agile Connection! This new series introduces our perspective on agile practices and thinking. Chances are, you’ve heard about agile. We’ll help you understand what agile is and how it’s implemented. Most importantly, we’ll help you assess where to start with agile or where your organization... Read More