Demand a team that never backs down - we've earned a reputation for overcoming the most daunting IT challenges.

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It takes seasoned IT pros to source and assess technical talent. That’s how we do staff augmentation right.

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We're helping federal agencies deliver more efficient service at lower cost and with less risk.

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Next Generation
Gas Transaction
Management Solution

Trellis is a comprehensive and high performance Natural Gas Transaction Management Web Solution for your regulated and unregulated assets.

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Our staffing, management and IT consulting services are all on a singular mission.

At Blackstone Technology Group, we tackle the most daunting IT challenges head on. We design, manage and deliver IT solutions that sharpen business processes and streamline IT project delivery. And when you need it, we are also well-equipped to fill in the gaps on your team, handpicking talent from the marketplace that aligns with your company culture and business needs.

For over a decade, our clients have counted on us to help them put technology solutions in place that propel them to the top of their markets. By engaging our management and IT consulting services, you will speed up project delivery, improve operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. To each project, we bring the needed expertise and an agile response that few firms can match. We put our top people on it—from start to finish—whether we do the work or help you find the right people to add to your team so you can bring it in-house.

All of our clients look to us for complete solutions, and no two are alike. We listen. And we know you have a budget—we’ll work within it. Many of our clients have gone the route of engaging the self-proclaimed industry “giants,” only to come to us afterwards to get the job done right. We’re pros at cleaning up after another consulting or staffing company has made a mess. Blackstone Technology Group’s staffing, management and IT consulting services will be your last stop—that’s our commitment to you.

At Blackstone Technology Group, we’ll help you build a world-class enterprise—we are experts in custom applications, enterprise architecture, systems integration, business process re-engineering, people, and governance. In fact, we designed our entire company to help you drive your business wherever you want it to go. So where do you want us to help take you next?